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i am so stupid. i realized after i posted the newest page that i hadn't ever even posted the last page i had done before that. so, i went and put that as the current page, and the newest one will be up by sunday... after that, who knows. maybe i'll see about getting an email list, or something, so everyone can be notified for updates until i get back on some sort of regular schedule... meh, i don't know.

another thing i forgot to mention is... masochism hit the year mark about a month ago. an entire year of masochism, and i only finished eighty-four pages. i really wanted to hit one hundred by then, but sadly, between school and my four month mini mental-breakdown last fall, i did not make it. i had also planned to draw something special to celebrate, but that did not work out, either. oh, well, there is always next year. (and, yes, i'm sure i'll still be slowly plugging away at this thing for another couple years, at least. i'm building a monster, don't you know...)

i still feel bad for neglecting this comic, but, i did get an A on my mid-term portfolio for basic drawing two, which makes me feel a tiny bit better. who knows, maybe i'll actually learn how to draw, someday. you never know. heh.


this is really pathetic. i drew this page during the first week of this semester, and it took me two months to ink it. what can i say, pro-cras-ti-nation! is my one and only major talent.

before you get any ideas- no i have not lost interest in this comic. actually, to tell the truth, i miss it a hell of a lot. my imaginary friends keep me less crazy, wouldn't you know... eh, the truth of the matter is this:
- i have tons of homework.
- i am really bad at managing my time.
- on top of that i'm just stupid and lazy.
- leads to major procrastination, and frenzied attempts to do huge workloads all at once, over the weekends.

i don't know, but school makes me crazy. it's just draining. i hate structure. i come home from school bored and depressed and tired, and wanting to stare at walls or play computer card games while waiting to pass out so i can do it all over again. well, you know, the main problem with school is i'm in all these drawing classes. problem is, i'm not very good with drawing. so my classes are a nightmare of self-loathing and frantic yearnings for A's i do not work to deserve, but want anyway because a B means i'm retarded. (note that this logic applies only to me, because i'm egotistical.) i come home, like i said before, and not wanting to draw ever again. i guess i'm walking this tenuous line between functioning and the alternative, and yea, it doesn't leave much room for comics, i guess...

give me until the end of the semester. by december, i'll be better.


i'm running on two hours of sleep, but i figured i should do this. if anyone is curious as to why i'm back on keenspace, it's simple, and i'll tell you about it. my former host and darling friend, judi, has decided (for her own reasons) that keeping a website wasn't much to her liking. so, i hauled ass, moved, re-scanned, etc, before heart-shaped.net closes on august the twenty second. none of the sections are up, or will be for... a while, at any rate. but all of the comic is uploaded to slog through, so... if the urge to slog strikes, you can full well go for it.

i am planning to get this comic back on schedule, with a new system. one page per week updates, occuring every sunday. i know that one page a week is a rather weak offering, but, well... school tends to put a damper on artistic endeavors (it's not lack of passion, but mainly time constraints.) my summer color + design course ends next week, at which time i will have two weeks to draw as many comics as possible to keep this thing inching along when school starts up. i wish i could manage more, but, i'm taking four classes next semester... (when i say masochist, i damn well mean it.) i'm a delightful little bundle of stress just thinking about it.

i think that is everything important for the one or three friends i (kind of sort of) force to read this.

love me. ... or pretend to, at least.
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